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Portrait of a girl, seated, in a red beret

Painting, 1905

Marjorie Hatton, the sitter for this painting, was the artist's younger sister. This painting, completed in 1905, shows that Hatton was already working comfortably in oils although it was later in August 1906 that he chose to go to Hospitalfields, the art school in Arbroath, to develop his skills in this medium. Celia Davies writes,'he had not as yet come to terms with the art of working in oils and it was here that he needed help.' This is a large painting of a young girl in a dark dress seated in front of a dark, emerald green curtain. Splashes of glowing colour contrast with the sombre background. The vivid colour of Marjorie's beret threatens to dominate the painting but the artist has balanced this with the rich brown of her hair against her white collar and the posy of yellow primroses that she holds in her hands. The redness of her hat is reflected in her rosy skin tones. This is a beautiful study of colour and contrasts. Note the intricate detailing of the flower vase and the carpet.

  • Acc No: 1975-7/12
  • Date: 1905
  • Period: 20th
  • Collection: Fine Art
  • Technique: Painting
  • Medium: Oil
  • Creator: HATTON, Brian
  • Name: HATTON, Marjorie
Portrait of a girl, seated, in a red beret

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