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Rearing Horses

, 1910

This work, Rearing Horses, is dated 1910. It was in the spring of this year that Brian Hatton received his first commissions. These commissions were usually portraits although some of them included the sitter's favourite dog, racehorse or ponies. This work is particularly unusual in that the two grey horses are painted in white/grey watercolour or gouach on a plain brown paper background. It has the appearance of a finished work although the lack of background detail suggests otherwise. It is possibly a study for a later painting. The classical pose is reminsicent of marble sculptures.

  • Acc No: 1975-7/554
  • Date: 1910
  • Period: Modern
  • Collection: Fine Art
  • Technique:
  • Medium:
  • Creator: HATTON, Brian
  • Name:
Rearing Horses

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