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Brian Hatton: Timeline

1887:  12th August, was born at Carlton Villa, Whitecross, Hereford.
1893:   Brian’s sister, Ailsa Marr Hatton was born
1895:   Hatton family moved to Mount Craig, Broomy Hill, Hereford.
1895:   Brian’s sister, Marjorie Hatton was born.
1895:   Aged 8, awarded his first medal by the Royal Drawing Society.
1897:   Aged 10, sent to Swansea for health reasons, stayed with Dr and Mrs 
1898:   Awarded the ‘Gold Star’ of the Royal Drawing Society. The artist G F Watts 
           admired Brian’s talent and began to take a keen interest in his development.
1899:   Became a pupil at Swansea Grammar School.
1904:   Visited St Ives and Newlyn, Cornwall.
1905:   Attended Trinity College, Oxford.
1906:   Visited Amsterdam and the Hague with his uncle, Charles Marr.
1906:   Attended Hospitalfields Art School, Arbroath, Scotland.
1908:   Shared rooms in London with his cousin, Geoffrey Vevers.
1908:   Set up a studio at home in Mount Craig, Hereford.
1908:   Travelled to Egypt to accompany the archaeological expedition of Professor 
           (later Sir) William Flinders Petrie.
1909:   27th July, Brian’s mother, Amelia Hatton died.
1910:   November, visited Paris, painted at the Academie Julien.
1912:   January, shared a studio in London with friend, Gerald Siordet. Working on 
           portrait commissions.
1914:   4th September, joined the Worcester Yeomanry.
1914:   5th November, married Lydia May Bidmead of Hereford in Newbury.
1915:   21st September, Brian’s daughter, Mary Amelia was born.
1916:   23rd April, Easter Sunday, Brian was killed in action at Oghratina, Egypt.

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