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This website was produced with assistance from:

Heritage Services
Web Services
Heritage Lottery Fund
Herefordshire Council

Pupils from Fairfield High School
Pupils from Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School

Patrick Beauchamp
Dianne Britton
Nicola Brooks
Kate Faulkner
Kathy Francis
Kari Gordon
Mary Horner
Keith James of Derek Evans Photography
Og Owen
John Perkins of IMMG Music Group
Miranda Richardson
Phillipa Sandford
Jackie St George
Graeme Storey
Ben Straker of West Midlands Consortium
Robin Thorndyke
Dr Geoffrey Vevers
Howard Willson


The contents of this site, including all images and text are copyright Herefordshire Council. All material is provided for browsing and viewing purposes only.

No copies of any text may be made except for personal use, which shall mean non-commercial use, by an individual making only a single copy of the text or digital image.

No copies of any digital image shall be made except for personal use, as defined above, or for non-commercial research, private study, criticism and review.

General Copyright

Herefordshire Council holds the copyright for all the photographs of paintings in its collections displayed on this website and must be contract for permission when paintings are to be reproduced.

For more recent works in the collections the work itself may be in copyright. Artistic works are protected in the EU from creation for a period of the lifetime of the artist plus 70 years. If you wish to reproduce a work still within copyright you should seek permission from the artist, their estate, or other rights holder. This permission must be obtained in addition to any permission obtained from Herefordshire Council for reproducing the photograph of the work.

For copyright information and requests please contact:
Herefordshire Museum Service,
Museum Resource and Learning Centre,
58 Friars Street,
Tel: 01432 383383

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