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Saddling up

Painting, 1913
'Saddling Up' was painted in 1913 when the artist, Brian Hatton, was twenty six years old. He had loved horses from when he was child and it was this affinity with horses that influenced his decision, in 1914, to enlist in the Worcestershire Yeomanry. This painting is unusual in that although Brian Hatton created many images of animals this working animal is at Epsom races. The horse is prancing and agitated, the jockey and grooms are calming him before the race. The title indicates that this scene is before the race rather than after and the fashionably dressed group on the left are likely to be the owners and trainers. The artist has captured the tension of the horse and rider and the eagerness of the woman in the long coat as she holds her race card. This work is also unusual in the limited palette of black and white. 
  • Acc No: 1975-7/579
  • Date: 1913
  • Period: 20th
  • Collection: Fine Art
  • Technique: Painting
  • Medium: Oil
  • Creator: HATTON, Brian
  • Name:
Saddling up

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